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The Festival of Japan

Our love of Japan has led to experiences beyond our wildest dreams, travelling to Kyoto, meeting geisha and bringing them to the UK was the start of The Festival of Japan.

Our lives revolve around the Japanese culture and our aim is to let everyone know about this diverse and  enigmatic country.  We provide everything from simple advice, geisha dressing sessions, Japanese hostesses and now weddings in Kyoto.

Featured Tours

Anniversary Tour

Featuring many of the delights of Japan, including the bright lights of Tokyo, Hiroshima, Himeji Castle, markets and other iconic locations.

Textiles and Culture 10 and 13-day Tours

Featuring the best of both worlds get to know the culture while learning about Japans exquisite textiles.

Totally Textiles 15-day Tour

Explore remarkable temples, delve into a weaving museum, visit pottery shops brimming with exquisite wares.

Kyoto Photography Tour

See the sights of Kyoto with an overnight excursion to Miyajima.  No need for expensive gear or years of experience.

Reasons to Visit Japan

Beautiful ceremonies

Oriental architecture

Geisha culture

Foreign language experience

Japanese wildlife

Traditional food

Magnificent maples

Developed cities

Sashiko By Jill Clay

Learn the stunning art of Sashiko stitching with this comprehensive guide that is packed with inspirational ideas. Meaning little stabs, it’s a traditional Japanese sewing method that uses evenly spaced running stitches to create eye-catching geometric patterns. It has a humble background, originating as a form of darning a way to strengthen weak areas of cloth ing. However, its utilitarian beginnings have since been shed, and it is now a popular form of decorative embroidery.

One Stroke Dragons

Discover our range of designs ...