Magical Japan Tour

Visit the most important Japanese destinations and attractions such as Kyoto, Tokyo, Heian Jingu, Uji, Hiroshima and Miyajima Island, Enoshima Island, Kanazawa and many more!

The main feature of our Magical Japan Tour is the chance to ride on the world famous bullet train. Travelling at over 200 mph we speed through Japans countryside, past mountains and beautiful coastal areas. Your Japan Rail Pass in included in the cost of your trip allowing us to make multiple journeys.

We visit Miyajima and Enoshima two wonderful islands or Nagahama to the south. Plus a trip to Kanazawa in the west. We can extend your Japan Rail Pass if staying on after the tour. Please ask for further details.

We still get to spend plenty of time in Kyoto of course, to see the amazing culture that is not seen anywhere else in Japan.

Each day is filled with cultural visits to temples and shrines as you would expect, but after many years of honing our tours, we add in the true Japan. Let’s stop off at a small café for a coffee, explore the backstreets of the five geisha districts or if the weather’s great let’s have a picnic by the river. The itinerary is finalised a few weeks before travel and if something pops up like a special event or festival we can change our plans on the day!

Day 1 Kyoto/geisha walking tour. Supper in Gion followed by a trip around the geisha districts. Learn the history and dispel the myths. Fingers crossed we spot some of the enigmatic geisha.

Day 2 Heian Jingu. Pass under Japans largest Torii gate, onto Heian Jingu with its 4 magnificent gardens, followed by a hidden gem of a craft museum with great displays and working craftsmen

Day 3 Nishijin textiles Centre, Conveyor belt sushi and Nijo-jo Castle Nijo-jo Castle is first today. Conveyor belt sushi and Nishijin textile centre with kimono show to end our day.

Day 4 Uji. A short train ride takes us to Uji, perhaps one of the best areas in Japan for tea growing. We’ll take a picnic today weather permit- ting.

Day 5 Hiroshima and Miyajima Island

A bullet train trip to Hiroshima. Optional entrance to the museum with specialist guide. If the museum is not for you there is plenty to look at along the river. Off on a ferry now to Miyajima Island and the enigmatic Torii in the water. We stay here until the sun sets then back to the Shinkansen for our return journey to Kyoto.

Day 6 Kiyomizu Dera and Maruyama Park. We visit the most celebrated temple in Kyoto. Passing through Maruyama Park, past Yasaka Jinja and pass 200 wonderful shops selling everything from fans to Kyo pottery. We stroll gently to the top for an unsurpassed view of Kyoto

Day 7 Enoshima Island is a tranquil island brimming with mythology and with the best view of Fuji (on a clear day!) A gentle 20 minute walk over the bridge to the island to ride on the Escar to the top of the island. Choose between one of the many attractions on the island.

Day 8 Nishiki Market and Terramachi, Daimaru. We visit Kyoto’s world famous Nishiki market, have lunch at an Izakaya (Japanese pub) After- noon coffee in Gion and a stroll along the river.

Day 9 Kanazawa is our destination today. Hopping on and off the Kanazawa loop bus we go through markets, gardens, old districts and more.

Day 10 Higashi Hongan-ji and Kyoto Tower . A chance to visit the temple we walk past every day, do some last minute shopping and take a trip up Kyoto Tower to say goodbye to Kyoto