The Festival of Japan offers a full consultancy and event services.

Questions such as

“How do I wear kimono?”.

“Would it be possible to have a authentic Japanese geisha perform for us”. are all services that we can provide.

Are you looking for the answers to kimono or geisha based questions?

We have many years experience with these subjects. If we are not able to answer the query, we will use one of our many Japanese contacts.

Is your company looking for an eye catching way to get noticed?

The Festival of Japan can provide you with Japanese ladies in full ceremonial kimono.


Their duties can include...

  • Acting as hostessses by welcoming guests on arrival and guiding them to their places.
  • Chatting to guests and answering questions about the geisha culture.
  • Performing a short tea ceremony, perhaps having a special guest or customer take part.
  • Photographic shoots.
  • Serving drinks.
  • Handing out promotional literature (sorry, we do not this in street settings)
  • If you have other queries as to the prommotional duties our staff can perform or have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

*We can now supply ladies with full geisha make up, however, they cannot be advertised as geisha.

Full white make up is only worn by apprentice and fully trained geisha. We use the traditional eye and lip styles as shown below.

For the truly spectacular - Get the real thing!

With sufficient notice true geisha* and apprentice geisha (maiko) can be flown over from Kyoto, Japan. These are truly exquisite examples of beauty and will make a lasting impression on everyone they meet.

To bring geisha from Japan is reasonably expensive, so most companies will hire the ladies for two or three days and plan other events such as gala dinners or advertising and other promotional work.

The geisha and maiko work as a team. Geisha, the word simply means ’woman of art’, are elegant and highly skilled though seldom wear white make-up (shiro nuri).What we think of as geisha is in fact the apprentice or maiko. The maiko has the elaborate, make-up, hairstyle and kimono. The combination of the two are perfect in that they maiko will dance while the geisha will sing and play the music.

Geisha skils include:

  • Making guests feel at ease, welcoming them and attending to their needs.
  • The art of conversation. There will always be an interpreter on hand.
  • Dancing
  • Singing
  • Playing the Shamisen (traditional instrument not unlike a Banjo)
  • Drinking games

To hire a geisha or maiko is beyond the wildest dreams of most Japanese people. I was honoured to be the first company to bring them to the UK in 2006 for The First Biennial Festival of Japan.

* Normal working hours are deemed to be 10am - 4pm or any other 6 hours during any 24 hours, with a lunch break of 30/45 minutes and two short breaks to freshen up, if required.

It is also possible to hire the geisha for evening events, this is possible only if booked in conjunction with a day time event. Standard evening working time is 3 hours .

Geisha can be hired for photography though please note that will not do anything thought to be ill-mannered or far removed from there traditional beliefs. For example, they would be delighted to advertise a car, but would not allow photographs of themselves draped over the bonnet!

Prices quoted will include travelling time, flights to and from Japan, food, accommodation and daily expenses. A geisha has every third day off work on full pay. Occasionally with sufficient notice we can split the geisha and maiko’s time between two companies therefore reducing the costs significantly to each party. Please also note that we will not accept sub contracting of the geisha or maiko.

If you are interested in having geisha and maiko please call or email me with your requirements.

Please note that when booking geisha, full payment will be required at least 6 weeks before the event and no refund will be given should you cancel the booking.

Dressing services

These are available with a trained ‘kitsuke’ or kimono dresser. Dressing full kimono is a complex task, please do not cut corners and try to do this yourself. The dressing service is not expensive and will give you a professional look. Kimono can be provided for your own staff, both male and female, (note there are some size limitations, please call to discuss).

Kimono dressing is in itself an art form, so I would not suggest you try to put this on yourselves. For a professional look use our dressing services. Various props can be hired including :

  • Kimono
  • Fans
  • Wall hangings
  • Lanterns
  • Sake cups, tea cups

Further info

Under NO circumstances will we tolerate abuse whether verbal or physical aimed towards our staff. We will be within our rights to remove staff members from any situation that we deem unsuitable unless a solution is found.

On such occasions full payment will be taken without refund.

Finally, Can you tell me what my old Kimono is worth?

Sorry, no. Many of our customers have acquired vintage Japanese items from family or travel and ask us for more information or value.

As much as we might like to assist, we are not certified valuers. Our prices here are based on availability, condition and decorative appeal of each item.

Companies we have recently worked with include:

  • Mantra PR
  • The Economist
  • Cumbria Tea Trail
  • Sunderland Glass Centre
  • Henley Regatta
  • Private Drama
  • Catapult PR