"“Hi Jill, thank you for a lovely holiday. Japan was amazing, my thanks for a wonderful trip”

Anita Gallo

“I'm sorry that I missed you before we left on Friday to say goodbye and to thank you for a wonderful holiday. I wish I was still with you all enjoying the beauty of Japan”


“As I reflect back on our trip, I am so thrilled with all that we did. Many, many new experiences and memories to cherish”

Carol Diver, Georgia, USA

“We had a great time on the tour, and I am writing to say thank you for the enormous effort you put into making it a holiday to remember. We enjoyed ourselves and still can't believe how much we did and saw.”

Sara Cole

So glad I met you at Birmingham Festival of Quilts last year and you and Chris inspired me to go to japan, even if I went on my own, I wouldn't have missed it for anything.

Noreen Care