Kyoto Photography Tour

After much demand we have now added a photography tour to our range of tours. On average our guests take over 100 photographs day. Although it is easy to take a great holiday snap, its harder to add that extra element. Our new tour is perfect for those with a basic knowledge of photography. You don’t need expensive equipment or years of experience. We aim to get people thinking about making the ordinary, extra ordinary.

Kyoto changes hourly, there's always something new happening. We have an overnight trip to Miyajima and see its world famous torii gate both at sunset and sunrise. Each day is filled with cultural visits to temples and shrines as you would expect, but after many years of honing our tours, we add in the true Japan. Because of our long standing relationship with the geisha of Kyoto we are able to hire a maiko for the day and try the usual shots, but add in some quirky stuff too. We have a wonderful Kyoto photographer on hand to give expert tuition.

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