Let’s Learn Resin I/II

Let’s Learn Resin I/II

*Please note that there is a small charge for materials to cover the costs of the resin and other necessary supplies. Rest assured, I strive to keep this fee as affordable as possible, so that everyone can enjoy the workshop without breaking the bank.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll receive by attending my workshops:

Explore your creativity: My resin workshops offer a chance to express yourself and create beautiful art with resin. Unleash your imagination and discover new artistic horizons!

I’m (hopefully!) skilled in resin crafting and will provide helpful guidance throughout the workshop. They’re dedicated to making the experience enjoyable and educational.

Connect with fellow enthusiasts: The workshops bring together people who share a passion for arts and crafts. It’s a fantastic opportunity to connect with others who have similar interests.

Relax and enjoy: Crafting with resin can be a soothing and enjoyable experience. It’s a wonderful way to take a break from daily routines and immerse yourself in a creative endeavour.

Take home your creations: The best part? You get to keep the stunning resin pieces you create during the workshop. These unique masterpieces will be a source of pride and joy.

Support local artists: By attending our workshops and contributing to the materials fee, you’re supporting the local arts community and helping us sustain these creative endeavours.
We hope you’ll join us for a resin workshop and experience the joy of creating with this fascinating medium.