UK Wedding Services

Do you want the Japanese theme to your day without travelling to Japan? How about wearing traditional Japanese kimono!

Full dressing service now available.

I have trained for many years as a Kitsuke, Kimono dresser and now offer a full dressing service for brides, bridegrooms and guests alike. Or are you attending a special ball or function?, I have something to suit everyone.

The biggest worry of most brides express to me is that a kimono dressing service might turn into some bad Halloween Style event as in the quote below re Maria’s dressing day.

“Thank you for such a wonderful day on Saturday, we all had a great time and it certainly got Sharon much more excited about the actual event (visions of fancy dress costumes having been put to rest:)” – Maria

My service uses authentic..




As a Kitsuke, Kimono dresser, I am trained in the intricacies of this amazing costume.

It takes 14 seperate items to put the ensemble together.

There are Kimono for brides, bridesmaids and grooms as shown below.

There is also a range of jackets and kimono for other ages.

All items are also available for purchase.

The kimono in stock are all pure silk and range from 3 to 30 years old. Each one is individual and has its own special charm. All colours are catered for with some new additions of white kimono (shiro muki).

With plenty of notice special requests can be ordered from Japan.

We hire and sell Japanese haori jackets. These are black silk jackets with kimono sleeves. Most are embroidered or woven with decoration. These are perfect for example the mother of the bride who does not want to wear kimono, but still would like to feel they’re part of the theme.

All items are also available to purchase. These Jackets will fit up to a UK 16. We can also supply all of the accessories required to theme our wedding day.

If you are interested in this please call or email for an application form. I would suggest a fitting session, usually at my premises, though I can of course travel to you if this is not possible. The fitting day will accommodate up to four guests. We will find the perfect kimono and accessories for you, have a practice run and address any worries you might have. A light sushi lunch is also provided. If you attend the session at my premises you will be charged the normal rate, however, if you go on to book the full dressing service 50% of the cost of the day will be deducted from your final account.

The kanzashi in stock are from all eras, though a large selection are brand new and recently bought in the geisha and maiko kanzashi shops of Gion, Kyoto.


Is this service expensive?

No it is much cheaper than hiring a dress from an agency.

How long can I hire the items for?

This is completely up to you. The hiring service is usually 72 hours. Though longer periods can be arranged, though a small fee may be charged.

Can I take them abroad with me?

Yes of course, many of my clients get married abroad.

I’m a size 16, will you have anything to fit me?

Kimono tend to be made in smaller sizes, however with sufficient notice kimono can be made to measure. On occasions we will have these kimono made to hire, though special orders usually have to be purchased outright by the customer.

What happens if the kimono get damaged?

With the best will in the world accidents will happen. NEVER let this spoil your day. It is ONLY a piece of fabric. The deposit is fully refundable upon the safe return of the kimono in the condition it was delivered. On delivery if you notice any stains you must report these to me immediately. Check your wedding insurance policy as hired items are occasionally included.

Will you be able to find shoes to fit me?

Shoes can be made to fit most sizes, though please be aware that this takes up to three months. As an alternative, there are many beautiful toe post sandals available on the high street.

Help, how do I put it on?

There are several options. I can attend any event in any location to dress you and up to four other participants, alternatively you can attend a training session at my premises. There will also be a dvd available soon.

Japanese men are quite short, my fiancé is over 6ft tall, surely you cant find anything to fit tall people?

Yes, with plenty of notice, we can arrange for a male outfit to be made. Occasionally we do keep these in for hire depending on the size required.

Our non smoking policy.

* We run a no smoking hire service. It will not be acceptable to have an outfit returned smelling badly of smoke. Should the smell not be removed during dry cleaning we reserve the right to charge up to the full deposit value of the garments.

Can I buy the kimono and accessories?

Yes of course, each item has a sale value printed in brackets on your invoice. This is a special price only available if you have previously hired the kimono. Discounts are dependant on the individual items value. Dry cleaning Each kimono is cleaned prior to your hiring them. This way they are fresh for you, rather than being cleaned after each hire and sitting on a shelf for months. Exceptions are if the item is returned smelling of smoke (see no smoking policy).