Mount Fuji and and Snow Monkeys Excursion

Explore Mount Fuji, Lake Kawaguchiko, Shibu Onsen, and the Enigmatic Snow Monkeys 3 or 4 Nights of Adventure

Available even if not joining our standard tours.

Embark on a captivating journey through Japan, delving into two iconic destinations. Your adventure commences in Kyoto, where you’ll board the world-renowned Shinkansen, or bullet train. As you whisk through cities, towns, and villages, your destination unfolds—a picturesque town nestled by Lake Kawaguchiko, famed for its breathtaking lakeside scenery. Upon arrival at Kawaguchiko station, savour the flavours of Fuji-san curry or indulge in some refreshing ice cream.

Spend two unforgettable nights around the tranquil lake, where you can explore the Itchiku Kubota kimono museum, marvel at the world-famous organ museum, or take leisurely strolls along the lakeshore, all while soaking in the awe-inspiring vista of Mount Fuji. Alternatively, immerse yourself in one of Japan’s finest onsen experiences. Whether you choose to rejuvenate in the invigorating hot springs solo or with companions, the choice is yours. Your hotel will provide transportation to your accommodation. Our Kawaguchiko hotel options offer self-catering facilities and can accommodate up to eight guests per house. Complimentary Wi-Fi is available in all properties.

These individual cottages are well-appointed with air conditioning, heated flooring, and fully equipped kitchens featuring a fridge, microwave, and IH cooking stoves. Additional amenities include a flat-screen TV and a private hot tub. Lake Kawaguchi is just a 3-minute walk away, and Kawaguchiko Train Station is a convenient 12-minute drive, with shuttle service provided.
Before bidding farewell to Kawaguchiko, be sure to visit Oshino Hakkai—a must-see attraction featuring eight crystal-clear ponds and the Hannoki Bayashi Shiryokan with its charming traditional thatched cottages. Whether you opt for a boat trip, take the ropeway, or explore other nearby attractions, our comprehensive itinerary, complete with maps and details, simplifies your exploration.

Now, it’s time to journey to Yudanaka and the enchanting Shibu Onsen. Shibu Onsen street is a famous narrow onsen street, lined with ryokan hotels showcasing old-world architecture. Walk down this charming street adorned in kimono or yukata and traditional Japanese sandals, hopping from one bath to another while browsing souvenir shops and quaint bars. We encourage you to fully immerse yourself in this authentic Japanese atmosphere.

Our inn stands as one of the most welcoming establishments in the area. The host and their family go above and beyond to ensure your stay is exceptional. This Japanese-style inn boasts tatami (woven-straw) floors, comfortable futon beds, and a flat-screen TV. Each room is air-conditioned during the summer and features a Kotatsu leg-warming table in the winter. For your convenience, a fridge and electric kettle are provided, and shared bathrooms and toilets are available, with the option to reserve the shared bathroom for private use.

The property offers shuttle services to nearby locations upon request, including Yudanaka Train Station, and a convenience store is conveniently located right behind the inn. Your package includes a Japanese/American breakfast served in the hotel’s dining room, as well as a shuttle to the monkey park. The park, nestled within a forest, offers an up-close experience with monkeys who roam freely. Please note that the walk to the park entrance involves a gentle incline, creating a truly atmospheric journey. Even before entering, you may encounter monkeys leisurely wandering or perched in the trees. Beyond the entrance, a world of monkeys awaits, allowing you to capture intricate details through your lens as you observe their authentic monkey lifestyles. The highlight is the hot spring pool made of stones, where monkeys relish year-round bathing.

Tour Inclusions:

  • Shinkansen tickets and major travel expenses
  • Accommodations in Kawaguchiko and Yudanaka
  • A comprehensive list of recommended attractions and activities, complete with maps and opening hours
  • 2/3 breakfasts (depending on the selected trip)
  • Pre-booked hotel shuttles (where available)

Tour Exclusions:

  • Minor travel expenses
  • Any food not specified in the itinerary
  • Services of a guide
  • Entrance fees

**Please note that we cannot guarantee clear views of Mount Fuji or the presence of all monkeys during your trip.