Exciting News: In response to popular demand, we are thrilled to introduce a photography tour as the latest addition to our tour offerings.

On average, our guests capture well over 100 photographs each day. While taking a fantastic holiday snapshot is relatively straightforward, adding that special touch can be more challenging. Our new tour is tailor-made for individuals with a fundamental understanding of photography. No need for expensive gear or years of experience; our aim is to inspire participants to elevate the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Kyoto is a city that transforms with each passing hour, continuously offering new and captivating experiences. Our itinerary includes an overnight excursion to Miyajima, where you’ll have the remarkable opportunity to witness the world-renowned torii gate at both sunset and sunrise. Each day is brimming with cultural visits to temples and shrines, as you would expect. However, after years of perfecting our tours, we’ve woven in the essence of authentic Japan. Thanks to our longstanding relationship with Kyoto’s geisha community, we can arrange for a maiko to join us for the day, enabling you to capture the customary shots along with some creatively whimsical ones. To provide expert guidance and photography tips, we have a talented Kyoto photographer on hand.

Stay tuned for upcoming discounts tailored for photography groups. We look forward to having you join us on this unforgettable photography journey!