Being the first person to bring geisha from Kyoto, then doing it for a second time was truly a dream come true.

Meeting the right person at the right allowed my family and me to join the exclusive world of geisha. I’m now honoured to be able to call several geisha, friends.

My talks are 60 minutes long and costs are £95 plus travel. Distance is no object. I can promise you a unique talk based on real life experiences.

An ever-changing selection of authentic Japanese goods will be available after the talks.

I am more than happy to provide references from previous talks should these be required.

To book a talk please contact me: [email protected]. Please provide dates, times and venue if at all possible.

A non-refundable deposit of £15 will secure the date.

Geisha… a fading tradition

This is just one of the fun, friendly interactive talks I have been doing for many years now. While demonstrating how to wear a full ceremonial Japanese kimono, I will tell you fascinating facts from the geisha world. For this talk we ask you to find a suitable model willing to be dressed in this most exquisite costume.

Geisha… a fading tradition. Costumes and accessories.

Talk as above but tailored towards antique and textile groups. A wonderful array of Japanese kimono and accessories both modern and antique will be available for a closer look.

Slides and anecdotes of the geisha visit to the UK are available. Along with these slides and anecdotes I will guide you through the fascinating history of Japanese geisha. What happens when you have to rescue two geisha from floods in North Yorkshire? How big is that pumpkin! and Next time you visit I’m buying a submarine…

A funny journey through a week in the lives of Fukuwaka San and Miehina Chan, geisha from Kyoto.

What a carry on for a cup of tea!

Another interactive talk this time I will use slides and video to show you the intricacies of the Japanese Tea ceremony, from its origins to current day.

Video of Geisha performing tea ceremony, slides and a lecture will lead nicely to a tea tasting session. Try out several types of green tea as well as see how green tea can be used in cooking.

Please bear in mind that the green tea sold in most supermarkets is very far removed from the true taste of fresh green tea.