Garage conversions are a great way to extend your home.

Because the building structure is already in place, garage conversions are often very cost-effective because work is only required to add insulation and plaster, create window openings and doors and provide services such as heat, light and power.

This means you can either save considerable costs when compared to the time and expense of a full house extension or choose to spend more of your budget on the fit-out of the interior.

So garage conversions are possibly one of the easiest ways to extend your home and do not usually involve an application for change of use.

Because of this, UK Building Regulations will therefore normally only apply to the structural alterations involved and to any other building controlled works such as drainage.

Do you want:

  • A Playroom
  • A Home Office
  • A Larger Kitchen
  • A Dining Room
  • TV Den
  • An Extra Bedroom